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Marquee Platform
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Goldman Sachs’ digital marketplace for institutional investors, delivering unparalleled, cross-asset access to global markets
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The power of Goldman Sachs, unlocked
Goldman Sachs delivers its market-leading pricing data, risk analytics, market insights, and trading solutions through Marquee, a platform built for the future of digital finance
The Marquee suite
Explore Marquee's range of cross-asset solutions
View Goldman Sachs’ thought leadership and market monitors
with research & insights on Marquee
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Inform your investment strategy
with our data, risk, and analytics suite
Category Icon M Data Risk Analytics
Execute foreign exchange and commodities seamlessly
through our trade execution offerings
Category Icon M Trade Execution
Develop bespoke trade implementations
with our proprietary index solutions
Category Icon M Index Investing
Access global Prime Services
including financing, portfolio & risk management, and custody services
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Marquee for you
Delivered via web, desktop, mobile, and API
Marquee works where you work
Leverage our platform's multiple access points to support your workflow—wherever you are
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Interested in learning more?
Our team is available for questions, demos, and to provide Marquee access
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2021 Goldman Sachs & Co. LLC. All rights reserved. Descriptions of the products and services available through the Marquee platform provided herein are for educational purposes only and do not reflect all information that may be relevant in determining whether use of any such product or service is suitable for your circumstances. Goldman Sachs is not recommending that you take any action based on any information presented herein, which may be updated or modified form time-to-time by Goldman Sachs in its sole discretion without prior notice or subsequent notification. Prior to utilizing product or service available through the Marquee platform, you should read carefully any related disclosure provided by Goldman Sachs, including any information to which you may be required to agree and acknowledge or any user agreements that you may be required to execute, and make an independent determination regarding the suitability of your use of the relevant product or service.