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Visual Structuring on Marquee

The new paradigm for trade idea generation
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Introducing the new language of derivatives trading
Visual Structuring is a visual, dynamic, and intuitive way to discover derivative prices. Supporting a wide range of option structures, the tool combines all the information that a trader needs into a single chart view that is easily shareable. Now available for Equities, FX, Credit, G4 Rates Swaptions, Crypto and Precious Metals on Web, iOS and Android devices – functionality for other asset classes coming soon.
Visual Structuring
by Goldman Sachs Marquee
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Awards and recognition
Markets Technology Awards 2024: Fixes for the ‘forgotten middle’
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Chart Overlays 2x
Chart overlays
See how the price and risk of your derivative are expected to evolve throughout its lifetime as you edit your parameters
  • Live market data
  • Implied probability
  • Risk vs reward scenarios
  • Nearby market events
Chart Overlays 2x
Backtesting Light Mode 2x
Backtesting Light Mode 2x
See the relative value of your trade compared to historical premiums and past performance
  • View historical performance by sliding up to reveal a drawer that displays premium and payoff
  • Visualize the relative price value through an underlay displaying heat map data for relative historical price
Sharing 2x
Share your ideas
Collaborate with your colleagues internally and externally
  • Model a structure and seamlessly share with your GS coverage
  • Receive structured trade ideas from your sales coverage
  • Analyze, adjust, and share back to firm up a particular variation – all within the Marquee Trader mobile app
Sharing 2x
Marquee Trader Mobile
Available on iOS and Android
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Marquee Trader on Android
Download on your Android device
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Markets Technology Awards 2024: Fixes for the ‘forgotten middle’
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