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Hedging Tools

Customize your hedges with tools built for iteration and collaboration
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Hedging tools
Control your exposure to various risks with Marquee’s factor and performance hedging solutions
Data Risk Analytics hedging Tools factor Hedging2x
Factor hedging
Functionalities to neutralize or constrain your portfolio’s exposure to multiple factors, including volatility, growth, and more
  • Iterate and customize hedges across style factors, industries, or pending corporate actions to create a bespoke solution that supports your investment strategy
  • Securely collaborate and iterate with your team—and with your Goldman Sachs coverage—to optimize your hedge
Data Risk Analytics hedging Tools factor Hedging2x
Data Risk Analytics hedging Tools performance Hedging2x
Data Risk Analytics hedging Tools performance Hedging2x
Performance hedging
Understand historical and performance correlation to replicate the performance of an asset—without direct exposure
  • Improve accuracy with a proprietary model that ignores idiosyncratic patterns
Trade Execution automated Currency Hedging reduce Operational Burden
Automated currency hedging
Passive Currency Overlay (PCO) allows you to maintain insight, transparency, and control when automating your currency hedging strategy
  • Manage every stage of the investment cycle and operations process with PCO’s extensive and flexible platform
  • Systematically implement your currency hedging strategy without a significant technology investment
  • Gain execution transparency through tailored execution models and robust post-trade reporting
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Trade Execution automated Currency Hedging reduce Operational Burden
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