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Marquee Platform

The Power of Goldman Sachs and MSCI

Collaborating to deliver improved portfolio analytics and efficient workflows
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A partnership of firsts
MSCI’s industry-leading risk factor models are now accessible through Goldman Sachs Marquee. Likewise, MSCI clients can now access Goldman Sachs’ volatility data through MSCI RiskManager for greater precision in risk management. We will continue to add additional datasets, features, and functionalities over time.
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Simplified workflows. Actionable insights.
Goldman Sachs and MSCI have come together to provide data and analytics across their institutional client platforms. With the combined expertise in data and risk management, this collaboration aims to deliver higher quality analytics that clients can access in a simplified way.
MSCI Equity Factor Risk Models via Goldman Sachs
Access MSCI’s market-leading risk factor models via Goldman Sachs’ flexible portfolio analytics ecosystem, programmatically or via user interface.
Programmatic Risk Management
GS Quant, our open-source Python toolkit designed to rapidly and seamlessly integrate data, provides a programmatic environment to access MSCI’s risk factor models in a scalable manner.
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Time Series Visualization
PlotTool Pro, one of the most popular tools on the Goldman Sachs trading floor, offers powerful time series visualization and analysis of a portfolio’s factor performance and risk.
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Portfolio Risk Analysis
Marquee’s Portfolio Analytics offers a highly intuitive web interface to upload, analyze and share portfolios, understand sources of risk through the lens of MSCI factor risk models, and control risk exposure with custom hedges.
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Goldman Sachs’ equity implied volatility data
Proprietary data, expanded coverage, and a finer grain surface: Access the same data used by Goldman Sachs’ traders and risk managers, available through MSCI RiskManager®
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Powerful models. Robust data. Seamless API integration.
By exchanging data across their institutional platforms, Goldman Sachs and MSCI help clients strengthen their analytic capabilities, improve portfolio insights, and build workflow efficiency.
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Rich datasets and advanced risk factor models
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Powerful analytical tools
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Faster translation from insights to action
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