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Campaigns and Insights from the Marquee team
Managed Tick Data
Access normalized, historical equity top of the book tick data from multiple global execution venues.
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Marquee MarketView
Your window to global markets
Coin Metrics on Marquee
Trusted financial intelligence for the new digital economy
iShares® ETFs on Marquee
An in-depth look into world-class ETFs powered by leading portfolio analytics
Axioma Factor Risk Models on Marquee
Gain comprehensive insights into drivers of your portfolio risk and return
Visual Structuring on Marquee
The new paradigm for trade idea generation
Marquee for Credit
A suite of solutions for managing your credit portfolio
Quant Insight Now on Marquee
Data science-driven macro models for risk monitoring and attribution
Wolfe Risk Models Now on Marquee
Next-generation style factors paired with industry-leading analytics
Marquee for e‑Quality
Making Progress Towards Racial Equity
The Power of Goldman Sachs and MSCI
Collaborating to deliver improved portfolio analytics and efficient workflows
Carbon Portfolio Analytics
Measure and manage your portfolio through a carbon lens
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