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Market Monitors

Curated, thematic dashboards
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Asset class-focused or thematic dashboards for market color, market data, and analytics tools
Research Insights market Monitors proprietary Data Products2 V2
Goldman Sachs’ market analytics
The most requested and shared analytics, all developed by Goldman Sachs’ sales strategists
  • Visualize Goldman Sachs’ proprietary data—including flows, trading marks, and liquidity—to screen for hedges
  • Explore visualized data charts on the dashboard itself or via PlotTool Pro, our time series analytics tool – one of the most popular apps on the Goldman Sachs trading floor
  • Identify market signals with plots of products created by our strategists
Research Insights market Monitors proprietary Data Products2 V2
Research Insights market Monitors realtime Market Monitors2x
Research Insights market Monitors realtime Market Monitors2x
Real-time market monitors
Follow and analyze the markets in real time
  • Track how markets react to macro and micro events, such as Central Bank announcements, earnings releases, and more, paired with real-time commentary from our desk experts
  • Spot intraday opportunities and dislocations by examining areas of the market closely monitored by our desk experts
Research Insights market Monitors thematic Content Analytics2x
Thematic content & analytics
Today’s most relevant market trends and themes, directly from our desks
  • Thematic grouping of market color, data and analytics, aggregated from our desks in a single view to help you focus your trading decisions
  • Explore markets pages modeled on the process that our product experts use to examine and monitor their markets
  • View and leverage Goldman Sachs’ in-house tradable baskets, or use our data to customize your own
Research Insights market Monitors thematic Content Analytics2x
Research Insights market Monitors content Events2x
Research Insights market Monitors content Events2x
Content & events
Trending thought leadership from Goldman Sachs’ top authors and content creators
  • Access Goldman Sachs’ trending content, upcoming webinars, online and in-person events, web series, podcasts, and more
  • View a live feed of relevant desk content, including research, polling notes, reports, commentary, and more
  • Connect directly with dashboard curators for focused discussion and questions
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