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Systematic Trading Strategies

Extensive index analytics and backtesting products
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Systematic trading strategies
Methodologically trade goals and set risk controls with Goldman Sachs’ systematic trading strategies offerings
Index Solutions systematic Trading research Backtest Products2x
Index Solutions systematic Trading research Backtest Products2x
Research and backtest index products
Choose Goldman Sachs’ index constituents and rebalancing methodologies to customize a strategy and to backtest historical performance
  • Engage Marquee Backtest to refine strategies by customizing underliers attributes
  • Run pre-trade analytics on underlier correlation or plot historical performance against selected benchmarks
Index Solutions systematic Trading run Index Analytics2x V2
Run index analytics
Easily visualize and deconstruct index performance across time periods, strategies, regions, styles, and asset classes
  • Understand your strategy by deconstructing factor risk and identifying performance drivers
  • Monitor your risk exposures over time, and leverage our proprietary risk models to navigate dynamic market conditions
Index Solutions systematic Trading run Index Analytics2x V2
Index Solutions systematic Trading live Adjust Exposure2x
Index Solutions systematic Trading live Adjust Exposure2x
Live-adjust your exposure
Respond immediately to changing market conditions by adjusting your exposure or strategy via web or API
  • Engage Marquee’s i-Select tool to adjust exposure seamlessly and with precision
  • Experience dynamic customization and asset allocation with operational ease and cost efficiency
Index Solutions systematic Trading access Index Data Programatically2x
Access STS data programmatically
Retrieve daily index level updates, and query historical compositions automatically via API
  • Benefit from our industry-leading institutional API offerings to create flexible and scalable solutions to accelerate your business
  • Automate analytics by using the same services trusted by Goldman Sachs’ global trading desks
Index Solutions systematic Trading access Index Data Programatically2x
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